Sunday 23 November 2008

BNP members arrested as police trample on free speech

Freedom of speech is for unpopular opinions - popular opinions do not need defending. It is always the case that minorities - either because they are disliked or can be turned into scapegoats - are the first to be targeted by oppressive laws. This why foreign nationals are the first to have ID cards forced upon them, and why so much effort is expended to curtail the activities of the BNP.

Hence it it unsurprising that 12 BNP members have been arrested for distributing leaflets in Liverpool. According to the party the leaflets had been vetted and thus it is unlikely that any charges will ever come about. Nevertheless, the police - as minions of an increasingly fascistic government - will have achieved their objective in sending a message to the public; political activity is a crime. Sieg Heil you pricks.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Child prison news

A good example of the twisted thinking about the school system comes from this Daily Mail story, reporting that boys 'have fallen behind' girls by the time they start school.

If only common sense could be applied, we would recognise that children develop at different rates, and in some areas, the areas that the government measures, girls are on average quicker to develop. So the fuck what? Why can't these wankers leave the children alone to develop in their own good time?

I find it hard to understand why parents allow their children to be taken from them and fed into the monstrous meat-grinder of the state school system. Children learn next to nothing worthwhile at school, especially if they're bright.

The interview that got John Gaunt sacked

Long live John Gaunt for speaking the truth to a jumped up, arrogant, loathsome little Hitler called Michael Stark. Shame on Talk Sport for their gutless decision to fire him, and pity the children under the control of the Nazis of Redbridge Council led by Gauleiter Stark.

Fascist Labour government threatens clampdown on internet... yet again

According to David Hendon, a senior eunoch at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform:

"These are all internet problems and [internet users] think someone should do something about it. Although many internet users think the government should keep out of the internet, I suggest to you that most ordinary people who just use the internet like they use the banking system or the trains think that the government should make sure it all works properly for them and that bad things get stopped from happening."

Can someone please tell this cunt that we don't need him and his fascist buddies interfering in the internet or indeed anything else. He talks about 'bad things' (language that belies his attitude that the people should be treated like children) , but there's nothing worse for the internet and the free flow of information that it enables than the kind of state control he seeks, where the minions of Big Brother decide for the rest of us what we should and shouldn't be allowed to read and see.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

A little music for a change

Manu Chao - 'Mi Vida'.

Finally an economist speaking sense

Max Keiser lays it out.

Thursday 6 November 2008

Yeah, Jacqui, I can't wait for my ID card...

... I plan to set fire to mine and shove it up your arse, you nazi cunt.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Deadly Fluoride continued...

Following a tip from one of my dear readers, I came across this interview with Christopher Bryson, author of 'The Fluoride Deception'.

With the government increasing its efforts to introduce this toxin into the water system across the country and school authorities pushing fluoride-tainted milk on their unfortunate child-prisoners, it is imperative that the public educates itself and takes action to prevent this monstrous crime.

And another thing...