Monday 25 February 2008

Whose kids are they, anyway?

When are the parents of this country going to stop acting like sheep, and start using their brains? What will it take to wake them from their drooling slumber? The Government is bringing in a compulory curriculum for under-fives, with 72 measures that your little angel will have to be tested on before the age of five. The primary legislation made provision for exemptions. The secondary legislation removed the exemptions. That means this new curriculum applies to independent schools and childminders alike.

Every piece of research shows that the school system in this country is failing, that it starts too early and that it tests little children too much, and yet the dumb sheep parents continue to send their children to the indoctrination camps, and continue to let the state take possession of their own flesh and blood. SHAME ON YOU PARENTS FOR TAKING THIS SHIT. You don't care about yourself, fine, but at least you could care about your children. When are you going to apply the lessons of history? Are they your kids, or do they belong to the state? Make your minds up, because time is running out.


A convincing argument

You know, these Serbs can't be all bad.

(pic: Associated Press)

Kennedy: 40 years and no justice

New evidence emerges surrounding the assassination of Robert Kennedy. New evidence which correlates exactly with what anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows, that Sirhan Sirhan was not the only shooter, and that the bullets that killed him were fired at very close range from behind.

This matches the autopsy, and the fact that 14 slugs were dug out of the walls and the bodies of Kennedy and Paul Schrade, and Sirhan's gun only carried eight rounds.

But it's so long ago, does it matter? Indeed yes. When you consider that those responsible for killing Robert Kennedy and those who killed his brother were never brought to justice, not only that, they continued in whatever positions of power they operated from, when you consider that America since the JFK shooting has been inhabiting a strange twilight world of cognitive dissonance, where ordinarily sane people are expected to pay heed to the most ludicrous, blatant lies – that an eight-shooter can fire 14 bullets, that a bullet can rattle through two bodies and then appear magically untouched on a trolley in a Dallas hospital, when you consider 9/11, for which the official explanation is just as demonstrably false as either Kennedy shooting, then you must surmise that it does matter, and the truth must be forced into the open and the Babel of lies smashed forever.

Sunday 24 February 2008

DNA – thus far and no further

People convicted of specified crimes should have their DNA taken and stored on a database of criminals. Entry to this database must be limited to convicted criminals.

DNA should be taken from crime scenes, checked against the criminal database and, if not identified, stored pending identification.

The taking of DNA from people who have merely been arrested should only be to check two things. Does it match any unidentified crime scene record? If so, the person is a suspect in a crime. Does it match any criminal record? If so, does this match the identity they purport to be and are they marked as wanted or jail? If neither of these things apply, the data should be destroyed.

The state has no right to our DNA. A universal DNA database will not stop crimes taking place. DNA evidence does not make convictions water-tight. It can be faked and planted, the same as any other evidence.

The Government's faux-position of 'we have no plans' to create such a database is not worth a tinker's cuss. Purposefully keeping hold of DNA samples from innocent people - many of them children and victims of crime themselves, is indefensible.

The panacea of a DNA database is offered up within a context of massive failure to effectively punish the convicted guilty. The DNA database is mainly helping the police identify convicted criminals who have been released from jail, when they shouldn't have been. The most glaring failure of the criminal justice system is the disregard of the two most important principles in dealing with crime: Punishment and protecting the public.

Friday 22 February 2008

Pavlov's progeny

Officials from Lewisham Council have announced they will be reducing the speed limit on all residential roads in the borough to 20 mph. The Mayor Steve Bullock says this is to 'change the way people think'. In other words, more pavlovian mass psychology.

Rather than encouraging and facilitating better driving skills, the morons of Lewisham – who have humped every conceivable road, messed around with every junction and are clearly twiddling their thumbs trying to think of a new idea to keep themselves in tax-paid clover – would rather try to micromanage the brain of every driver. The idiot Mayor also said there would be no need to do this, if people were obeying the rules now, which is an admission, if ever there was one, that the 20 mph is not necessary.

It is also indicative of the circular logic that goes along the lines of 'if the speed limit's 70 mph, people will drive 80 mph, so if it's safe to drive 80 mph, we'll make the limit 70 mph, because if we made it 80 mph, people will drive 90 mph.' Now, this is the system that we work to. There is an alternative – the alternative that our Pavlovian masters shy away from – to set the speed limits appropriately, to stress the responsibility of the individual driver.

The worship of speed limits and other such arbitrary rules is a form of idolatry. Just as making a statue of God and worshipping the statue is a foolish sin, so is taking a rule, which is no more than a means to an end, and enshrining that rule as the end. The God in this case is driving safely, which is not dependent on sticking to a speed limit, but rather matching speed to the conditions. Recently a young driver killed a child whilst driving at around 30 mph within a 30 mph zone. Whether this was safe to do – and the accident indicates that it wasn't – the driver was exonerated – as she hadn't offended the stone idol speed limit.

The BMA (again) are calling for the price of alcohol to be put up to 'deal with the epidemic of binge-drinking'. In other words, more pavlovian mass psychology.

Whether or not we are facing an epidemic, the idea that 'binge drinking' is a new phenomenon is laughable. The only thing that's new is the term. We used to call it getting pissed. The English have always had a reputation as drinkers. The answer, as ever, is for people to take responsibility for themselves. Instead, our Pavlovian masters would rather take away our choice.


Wednesday 20 February 2008

Free the Dubai One!

Okay, schoolboy error from Grooverider gets him busted in the ME – four years bird for less than an eighth, he'd forgotten about in his jeans. That's gotta hurt, and no doubt sympathy will be sparse. Nevertheless...

He fucked up – he got caught. but doing something which is no crime in my book, and it sure as hell ain't listed in the Ten Commandments. So, come you hand choppers – hand back the Grooverider!


Tuesday 19 February 2008

Guns don't kill people, prozac kills people

The recent shooting incident in NIU fits the pattern. Firstly the shooter was on psychotropic drugs. Secondly he chose a place where citizens are forbidden to carry guns, thereby ensuring a higher body count than otherwise would be the case, such as recently in Colorado Springs, when an ordinary woman shot down a gunman who had burst into her church. Whatever the gun-grabbers say, without that woman, a lot more of the thousand rounds of ammunition he was carrying would have ended up being dug out of corpses.

The efforts of the anti-gun lobby are ceaseless. Whenever one piece of unconstitutional legislation is approved the next piece steps up, therefore there can be no appeasement, no compromise. Soon the Supreme Court is to make a ruling on Washington DC's gun laws, and is widely feared to hand down an Orwellian verdict along the lines of: “Sure, citizens have a right to own guns... but the government can restrict this right.” The judas goats of the NRA will proclaim victory, the media will likewise claim the 2nd Amendment has been upheld, and the DC authorities will continue to ensure that ordinary citizens are denied the right to defend themselves in the crime capital of the USA.

The problem for the state in America comes from the clarity of thought and intention of those victorious rebels who founded the nation. They knew very well the threat to liberty that the state represented, and that an armed population was the best and final guarantor of that liberty.

With all the flurry of arguments provoked by the latest shooting, not enough attention has been paid to the role paid by psychotropic drugs, now prescribed to a staggering 15% of Americans. These drugs are known to cause psychotic behaviour, and they are linked to virtually every incident like the shooting at NIU, which have become almost commonplace since drug companies started handing them out like smarties. As ever, the pharmaceutical companies have too much to lose by coming clean about the risks connected with these drugs, and as they are supposed to address mental illness, they can always blame problems on the patient's condition. This is not to deny that many people find themselves on these drugs due to real mental illness, but often it seems that these drugs deal with the original illness, like a loan-shark helps you pay off debts.

(pic: Gun Owners of America)

(Hat tip: prison planet)

Monday 18 February 2008

Stop me if you've heard this one before

A month ago with much wringing of hands British Gas told its customers that, unfortunately, it was going to have to put its prices up. The decision was followed by other suppliers taking similar actions, thereby revealing the supposed free market as little more than a rigged cartel. This week Centrica, who own British Gas, will issue its full-year results for 2007 and is expected to announce record profits.

State-controlled monopolies are not perfect by any means, but handing control from the state to the corporations does not correct the imperfections and indeed adds many more.


Sunday 17 February 2008

Double standards

A car bomb assassination in Damascus, which various news sources, including the Sunday Times, are attributing to Israeli intelligence. None seem to condemn the action, due to the victim being a prominent member of Hizbullah, who 'had it coming'. I wonder if they would be similarly non-judgemental if Israeli death squads were detonating car bombs in London – or would our media merely refuse to discuss it?

Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia, and the West looks on, smiling benignly, Kosovo's Albanian warlords being the good guys, apparently, and ethnic cleansing doesn't count when it's Serbs, Jews and Roma (the minorities in Kosovo) who have to flee for their lives.

From my reading of history, there are very few good guys. One nation's airbrushed hero is another nation's bloodstained butcher. War is a dirty business. There's nothing too profound in any of that, and sometimes one must choose sides, but an evil, even when judged necessary, does not cease to be evil, simply because the perpetrator is wearing the officially-endorsed white hat.


Saturday 16 February 2008

It never ends

What a weary task it is to catalogue each brick in the wall of fascist tyranny being erected in this country.

With little fanfare, Revenue officials have now been given the right to intercept phone calls, e-mails and letters, and to bug homes and private vehicles. The powers were granted under the 'Serious Crime Act' that was rubber stamped in October, and come into force via a 'commencement order'.

As usual, these new powers follow on the heals of pledges by Gordon Brown to tackle the growth in warrantless violation of our privacy by the state. Such is New Labour's lust for tyranny, they even manage to sneak such powers into completely unrelated legislation, such as the Crossrail Bill.

Elsewhere, as noted by numerous libertarian bloggers, one of the Government's advisers is calling for smokers to pay for a licence to purchase tobacco products. At the moment, this seems unlikely to happen. The Government uses these so-called advisers and the ├╝berstatist think-tanks to tout the more outrageous suggestions that spring from their evil pavlovian creed of control. This allows the Government to noisily dismiss such hateful proposals, whilst quietly implementing other equally hateful, but slightly less provocative measures. Nevertheless, the direction of travel remains the same.

While the greens slept

Whilst the Government are happy to bang on ad nauseum about harmless CO2 and generally play the concerned environmentalists - by cranking up our taxes to pay for their profligate, bloated state - on real matters of environmental concern, they continue to fall over themselves to serve their corporate masters' evil designs.

Therefore, no surprises in the news that they will conspire with the producers of genetically poisoned foods, in keeping locations of crop 'trials' secret. Such crops, they know, are impossible to contain, so will contaminate the surrounding countryside, wreaking untold damage to the eco-system. As with the Monsanto chemical dump in Brofiscin quarry, Wales, the problem will be ignored and hidden, at least as long as it takes for the company to protect themselves legally from the cost of clearing up the damage.

Unfortunately, most people who care about the environment are so busy following the pied piper of man-made climate change, they've little energy left to resist the real and present dangers such frankenstein foods signify.


Wednesday 13 February 2008

Police state: pt 94

A man is arrested at gunpoint, after a passer-by mistook his MP3 player for a gun (?) bundled into the back of a van, taken to a cell, finger-printed, DNA'd, and then, as he hadn't done anything wrong, released without charge.

Still, the police are keeping his DNA on file, and the records will show he was arrested for a gun-related crime, something that will crop up every time he comes into contact with the police, who always ask 'have you ever been arrested before?' when they stop you.

In other countries, no doubt, the same things happen with additional brutality. Nevertheless, the incident, including how the unfortunate fellow was tracked through CCTV, reveals the fundamental rottenness in the relationship between the individual and the state, mediated through the actions of the police. Even when the state is wrong, they'd have us believe, they're still right. Even when we are wholly innocent, we're still suspect.

Even after the incident had happened, the police could still have repaired the damage, by destroying the DNA record and fingerprints, wiping the slate clean, apologising, and dropping the chap home. Instead the original mistake is compounded by the psychopathic system of control erected around us.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

A judge who upholds the Constitution...

... should be a tautology. Sadly, in the USA it's becoming a unique selling point. Here's Judge Andrew Napolitano speaking to Alex Jones, regarding the state of the nation, and his new book "A nation of sheep":

How did it get like this? [verging on a police state]

It's gotten like this because the neo cons have persuaded vast majority (sic) of segments of the country, the media included, that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. So whenever I get into an argument like this, and somebody looks at me and says “what do you have to hide?” And I say: “Everything. I have my dignity to hide, I have my personality to hide I have my privacy to hide. You want me to entrust those things to the government? lets see, the government can't deliver the mail, it can't fill potholes, it doesn't know who's paid taxes and who hasn't, it can't secure the borders, why would you trust a government, who can't do the basic things we hire it for, with personal, private information about you?” Ultimately, after the right to live, the greatest of rights is the right to be left alone. That's why we have a fourth amendment, so that, when it is honoured, the government will be forced to leave us alone.

Why d'you call [your new book] “A nation of sheep”?

Because, when we allow the government to do these things, we are as sheep, just looking for a strong person to lead us into safety but at a loss of our freedoms and we've elected a Congress which has enacted legislation which permits FBI agents to do to and for us the very things that when done to and for us by the British government when we were colonists caused us to fight a revolution. When British soldiers were allowed to write their own search warrants it was the last straw and it brought about July 4th 1776, and yet American FBI agents can write their own search warrants until the cows come home, and the sheep say: “Just keep me safe.”

As long as there are still good people like Judge Andrew Napolitano, who know what the Constitution says, there is hope that America will recover its path.

Monday 11 February 2008

A state without shame

Standing as a stark reminder of the foul nature of the British state is the plight of the ex-servicemen who were used as guinea pigs in the atomic bomb tests. These men, most of whom were conscripts, were intentionally exposed to radiation. Some of them made to crawl through radiactive dust, in order to ensure as much contamination as possible. Unsurprisingly, they have paid a terrible price.

Ken McGinley is one such man: in 1962, a 19 year-old sapper in the Royal Engineers, he was sent to the atomic bomb tests on Christmas Island. His health was wrecked, with skin disorders, internal bleeding, most of his stomach had to be removed in 1962 and chronic digestive problems mean he lives on porridge and soup. He was also made sterile by the radiation. It was Mr McGinley who founded the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association, representing hundreds of veterans and widows fighting for justice.

The Ministry of Defence, who are wholly aware that the manifold health problems of these men were caused by exposure to radiation. Nevertheless, they deny everything, and with utter callousness they are stringing out the compensation claims against them as long as possible. Now the case is unlikely to get into court until 2012. They hope, perhaps, to drag it out until all the veterans are dead.

Recently the government's lawyers have been pressurising another group of ex-servicemen, who they experimented on with nerve gas and various other poisons at Porton Down, to accept a few crumbs of compensation and shut up. Small beer indeed. But Ken McGinley and his comrades must fight on.

Mommy, what's a police state?

Well, that's when thugs in uniforms drag a 12-year-old boy from his bed at six in the morning, over a minor playground scuffle.

Fuck their payrise, if this is the shit they spend their time doing.


Art therapy

Fluoride in Nazi Germany

"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain, and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.

"Both the Germans and the Russians added fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile."

Mr. Harley Rivers Dickinson, Liberal Party Member of the Victorian Parliament for South Barwon, Australia, quoted in this article on the use of Sodium Fluoride for Mass Behavior Control in Nazi Germany

Special Offer

If you're DUMB enough to accept toxic waste added to the water supply, you may be interested in this fine asbestos toothbrush, with free lead-formula toothpaste.

Leading government scientists agree: asbestos is good for you.

When is a crime not a crime?

Presumably when our lovin' government is doing it - especially when it's for our protection. Of the host of examples that spring to mind, the state's violation of lawyer confidentiality by bugging conversations between defence lawyers and defendants/prisoners is so blatant, many will just shrug. Indeed the 'four legs good' crowd will bleat their approval - as they will continue to do right up to the point the bolt is shot through their addled brains.

It's time to accept that our government has gone completely criminal and is out of control.


Don't drink the water

The devil's never idle – there's so much to do. Tony Blair's plan to introduce the poison fluoride into all our drinking water met with resistance, so back it went to the end of the queue. And here it comes again, championed by 'Health' Secretary Alan Johnson, telling us of his duty to introduce the industrial waste product into all our diets, glossing over the numorous studies that show no benefit and much harm from this chemical, which is known to be more toxic than lead, and was used by the nazis on concentration camp prisoners.

Still, they reckon the public's dumb enough not to bother to check the facts, seeing as the BBC, as well as the Ministry for 'Health' can be relied upon to bury the truth, after all, it's only crazy people who CHECK THE FACTS, it's only conspiracy theorists that bother to RESEARCH THE ISSUE, and there's always that scene from 'Dr Strangelove' to fall back on.

So, they rest easy, believing the vast majority are incapable of even conceiving how wicked they truly are, and once the added fluoride eats further into the brains and bones of the nation, we'll all be even less capable of resisting the coming cull.

Saturday 2 February 2008

Worst case scenario

Much as I loathe the EU, such sentiment will be as nothing compared to how much I will hate it if Tony Blair becomes its President.

I have long mused whether he could be the Antichrist we are warned of in the Apocalypse of St John, and feel as a precautionary measure it would be wise to pitch him into the deepest ocean, bound to a large millstone - better safe than sorry.

In any case, its not Brussels this war criminal should be going to - but the Hague.

Friday 1 February 2008

Ann Coulter backs Hilary

Are you getting it yet, you dumb conservatives?

Social worker ogres paid commission to snatch babies

The child-snatching rings of the 'Social Services' eugenics cult are busy as ever, abducting the babies of young women least able to defend themselves and their offspring. Since Blair, these monsters are paid a 'scalp fee' for every child they took. They have targets to meet. Thwarted by the High Court, they didn't dwell, knowing as they do that they can call on the power of the orwellian state to support their evil designs.

According to the Mail editorial:

“It seems inconceivable that such things could happen in a modern civilised country...two hours after giving birth, the young mother was lying in her hospital bed when officials from Nottingham social services snatched her baby away.”

Only if you don't know the history of the 'social worker' movement. Stealing babies from poor women has always been a priority, even more so since forced sterilisation became less acceptable. But they need the cloak of secrecy - like all evil-doers they hate the light. The only hope is that decent people will rouse themselves to stop this despicable organisation.

Constitutional reform: how it should look

According to Peter Riddell in the Times, 'Gordon Brown's biggest policy innovation has been to revive the debate on constitutional reform.' This debate apparently consists of the bile-fermenting concept of an official 'British statement of values', to be decided upon by a hand-picked 'citizens' conference', and furthermore a 'Bill of Rights and Responsibilities,' an idea so hideously fascist. Mussolino would blush.

Firstly, a little context: This is the man who heads a government that is, as we speak, preparing to hand over a great deal of the sovereignty of this country to a foreign power, whilst betraying its manifesto commitment to let the people decide the issue in a referendum. A man and a government with utter contempt for this country and its people, for democracy and their own word. A venal, lying, treacherous, cowardly, undemocratic, unconstitutional shower of shite.

Whatever 'values' means to these plague rats, I don't share them. And I know my rights, I don't need anyone to tell me those. As for responsibilities, one stands out above all else: to rid our country of this foul and wretched Government.