Wednesday 30 December 2009

"Not in the public interest"?!

From Slimey Bastards via DK I learn:

"In 2004, the then Development Secretary Hilary Benn carved out the fund management operation from the government-owned develpment fund CDC. The fund's function is to invest UK aid in companies in developing countries. The private equity firm created to do this, Actis, was set up in swanky riverside offices using £5m of public money while 60% of the new "limited liability partnership" was sold for £373,000 to former CDC managers, led by Paul Fletcher. One hell of a good price for managing £1bn of state funds without facing any competition whatsoever.

Fletcher and his pals quickly recouped their outlay. Actis reported profits of $14m in the first year, and that was after accounting for its 192 employees being paid an average of $220,000 each and senior partner Fletcher pocketing $1.84m. Actis will tell you that the government is entitled to 80% of their profits but that arrangement ends in 2009. Furthermore, in a recent public accounts committee report, Fletcher and Co's share (bought for £393,000 remember) was valued at over £200m, and possibly as much as £600m.

So why was Actis sold for so little when it was quite obviously worth so much more? Private Eye has asked to see the calculations that led to the 2004 valuation of £393,000 and how much the still publicly-owned CDC pays Actis to manage the fund. However, the Department for International Development's Openness Unit (an oxymoron if ever there was) and the Shareholder Executive have both refused to release any details. The DfID claimed the valuation calculation was "commercially sensitive" and revealing it was not in the public interest."

As Max Keiser would say: "Send in the Chinese assassin squad!"

The plane bomber and what they're not telling you

The Nigerian nut was put on the plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with the assistance of a 'well-dressed Indian man', who managed to get him past security although he didn't have a passport. Who was he?

Another man on the flight was seen video-taping the whole journey. Who was he? Why was he filming the flight?

The passengers were not evacuated from the plane. Why not?

A second passenger was arrested at the airport, after a sniffer dog found something in his bag. The other passengers were then moved to another location, after being told it was not safe where they were - the implication being there was another explosive device. The FBI have denied that a second man was arrested. Who was this man? Why are the FBI denying this arrest?

And, importantly, why is the mainstream media ignoring all these fishy facts? Yet again, the MSM has proven itself unwilling and unable to do its job of informing the public and holding the authorities to account. Instead we are given a narrative, to soften us up for more war (the drums are beating to start escalating involvement in Yemen), and less rights (everyone must be photographed naked if they want to fly).

Get the whole story from eye witness Kurt Haskell here.

"Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings..."

An excerpt from an all-time classic - Mel Brooks' "The Producers".

(See the whole thing here)

Tuesday 29 December 2009

"Boys aged three must work more": Is this North Korea?

More bollocks from the nanny-from-hell-state, with the spotlight turned on three-year-old boys, who 'must work more', according to the latest worse-than-useless guidance from the Ministry of Fucking with the Heads of Little Children.

Why don't you leave them the fuck alone, you perverted pedagogues? Can't a fucking three-year-old have some peace from your crazy social engineering? Not likely, under these Fabian monsters.

Bio-weapon tests on the British population

For some reason this story from 2002 has found its way into the 'most viewed' list on the Guardian website, and it makes for shocking reading. I wonder what the Mengeles are up to right now? Maybe they'll tell our grandchildren.

Last night as I walked home I watched a plane lay a cloud trail right across the South London sky. This was not a vapour trail. It did not disappear, but slowly spread out. Perhaps it was cloud-seeding. Perhaps it was a weapon test. Only one thing's certain: the criminals of the state will deny everything and ridicule everyone who questions them, and quietly declassify the truth in 50 or 100 years.

Naked body scans and the slave mentality

"Will you be wanting anything from the duty free trolley, sir?"

Fuck me, there are a lot of dumbed down slaves out there. Reading the comments on the Daily Mail's article 'Would you be happy to take the naked body scan?' is enough to make me vomit. All these people who just lurve having their rights violated. Here's one:

"I don't have a body to be proud of but I would use the scanner without hesitation. I would rather be alive and know that my flight was going to be safe rather than blown up into pieces because of someone's extreme religious beliefs."

Here's another:

"Sorry but body scanning should be made COMPULSORY for ALL individuals boarding planes, boats etc or passing through ANY international borders, full stop!! I am all for it, and for children too. If you object to this then you can't travel. Security must be tight to deter these fanatics from ruining the world. I have nothing to hide so am 100% behind it."

There ain't nothing fuckers like this won't do if somebody in a uniform tells them to do it. These are the people who make genocide possible.

Not the one in India

Taj Mahal - Queen Bee

One down, 13,999,999 to go

Slightly irresponsible, one might say, but well done to the citizen who blew up a speed camera down in Hampshire on Christmas Eve.

As Father Christmas would say: HO HO HO


Monday 28 December 2009

Sweden: still practicing eugenics

Via Fausty, I come to the story of a young child kidnapped by the state because his parents are Christian. Like Germany, which has refused to repeal Nazi-era laws against home-schooling, Sweden hates it when children manage to escape their training camps. This is not surprising. Sweden continued to practice eugenics, with the forced sterilisation of women who were considered 'bad seed', until at least 1975.

As if by magic, Al Qaida's back

How do you make people give up their rights?

You scare them.

Just when the global control grid was facing resistance, specifically to the new scanners that photograph your naked body, along comes a very dubious event with the usual patsy.

The War on Terror is a bespoke lie for the dumbed-down rightwing, same as global warming catastrophe is the lie taylored for the leftwing.

Friday 25 December 2009

Something very rotten

Remember the movie 'Goodfellas', when the restaurant got torched? How prior to that a whole load of merchandise was going in the front door and straight out the back door?

That's AIG.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Christmas lecture: Judge Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano, speaking on the United States Constitution, and the various assaults upon it by governments, starting with the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 under the second President, John Adams.

Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

Alex Jones on ObamaCare

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Free Hussain and give him a medal

I was arguing over at Longrider's about the recent conviction of Mr Hussain for defending us from a would-be armed robber, who'd busted into his house, tied up his wife and kids and threatened to kill them all.

I say to the jury – shame on you! By finding him guilty, you empower the violent thieves who want to break into our homes and terrorise us. You fools!

So what if he’s guilty? What do you think a jury's for?

Consider it a well-deserved two-fingered salute to the paedophile-loving, rapist-loving, fancy-dress travesties who call themselves judges and have fiddled whilst our justice system collapsed in smoke and flames.

The judge presiding gave a speech about how the very pillars of civilization would come crashing down if people dare to seek their own justice (their own being the only available).

Meanwhile the man who attempted robbery with a deadly weapon is sent on his way without any punishment. And not for the first time. But the joke Law decided that he deserves another chance, and that we the public do not merit protection from the almost inevitable crime that follows.

I’d far rather live with the consequences of letting this man go free. I figure he poses no threat to me, as long as I don’t tie up his wife and children and threaten to stab them.

No way would I convict Hussain.

Saturday 19 December 2009

Singer versus Son of Wat

Not under control

Monday 14 December 2009

Pirates of Copenhagen

A merciless band of pirates assemble in Copenhagen and scheme to plunder the world. Or something ...

The Geminids have come

Tonight I went out looking for the Geminids, a meteor shower at this time of year, and I did indeed see two beautiful shooting stars (and a couple of little ones) blaze across South London.

For once the cursed clouds of London did not ruin the experience of an astronomical event, and I have an excellent place to stare up into the night sky - a hilltop in my locale.



Sunday 13 December 2009


Via the Policeman's Blog, I come across this Intelligence Squared debate on whether prison works. I haven't watched it all, but Theodore Dalrymple's defence of the motion is well worth watching. His gentle humour off-sets the burning rage of decent people at our betrayal by the ivory tower-dwelling liberal twits, like Lord Woolf and Lord Ramsbotham, who have gutted our justice system.

The Fabian wolf is hungry

Labour's war on individual freedom continues with its planned assault on home-schoolers, for whom the psychopathic Fabians hold a particular hatred, as was also the case in that laboratory of Fabianism in action: Nazi Germany.

Not for nothing is the Fabian Society's symbol a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hat tip: Infowars

"Who burned the house down?"

Matt Taibi: "If you were going to have a Nuremburg for the financial crisis, Bob Rubin would be one of the first people in the dock". Read his article in Rolling Stone.

Hat tip: Infowars

"For us world government is the final objective"

"In 1945, it was the hope of the whole world that east-west co-operation would prove close enough to permit the United Nations to be transformed step by step into a world government."

"Labour always regarded the cold war strategies as a second best, forced on us by Russia's obstinacy and remained faithful to its long-term belief in the establishment of east-west co-operation as the basis for a strengthened United Nations developing towards world government."

"For us world government is the final objective - and the United Nations the chosen instrument by which the world can move away from the anarchy of power politics towards the creation of a genuine world community and the rule of law."

All quotes from the 1964 Labour Party Manifesto. Of course, only a crazy conspiracy theorist would read the above and think that they were calling for a world government.

Hat tip: Carl Teichrib

"Send in the Chinese assassin squad!"

Max has a few suggestions for dealing with the bankster-generated financial crisis.

See the rest over at Max Keiser's.

Saturday 12 December 2009

How the 'consensus' works

Al Gore Hubbard and his band of climate frauds like to claim there is a 'consensus' on man-made global warming, and thus no one can question any aspect of their 'consensus'. If you do, a thug in a uniform will try to stop you.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Live from Copenhagen

You'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to figure the carbon-climate-catastrophe-cult is a fraud and a scam.

400 posts

A minor milestone, marked by the man Peter Tosh, singing of more important things.

Monday 7 December 2009

Carbon fraudsters: 1,200 limos for Copenhagen Conference

The leading shaman of the Carbon-Climate-Catastrophe deathcult are meeting in Copenhagen. In contrast to the simple life decreed for their lemming followers, they're quite happy to indulge in a bit of carbon-heavy luxury.

So we read of the scores of private jets, the fleets of limousines, the caviar...

No problem. You are the ruling class. You deserve the best. Besides, the rest of us can hand over all our money and live like medieval serfs to 'off-set' you, our global masters. No problem. Cunts.

Saturday 5 December 2009

Al Gore Hubbard pursued by the truth

Hats off to We Are Change Chicago, especially the guy that looks like Dylan.

Kill the Fed

The Good Judge and the Good Doctor lay it out: the Fed must die.

Body of evidence

I can't wait to see Jesse Ventura's new series for TruTV, focusing on all those things our masters do not want us to know. First stop: HAARP

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Saints and sinners

Nina Simone

Mahalia Jackson - 'What the Lord has done for me

Nina Simone - 'Sinnerman'