Sunday, 13 December 2009

"For us world government is the final objective"

"In 1945, it was the hope of the whole world that east-west co-operation would prove close enough to permit the United Nations to be transformed step by step into a world government."

"Labour always regarded the cold war strategies as a second best, forced on us by Russia's obstinacy and remained faithful to its long-term belief in the establishment of east-west co-operation as the basis for a strengthened United Nations developing towards world government."

"For us world government is the final objective - and the United Nations the chosen instrument by which the world can move away from the anarchy of power politics towards the creation of a genuine world community and the rule of law."

All quotes from the 1964 Labour Party Manifesto. Of course, only a crazy conspiracy theorist would read the above and think that they were calling for a world government.

Hat tip: Carl Teichrib

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