Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The plane bomber and what they're not telling you

The Nigerian nut was put on the plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with the assistance of a 'well-dressed Indian man', who managed to get him past security although he didn't have a passport. Who was he?

Another man on the flight was seen video-taping the whole journey. Who was he? Why was he filming the flight?

The passengers were not evacuated from the plane. Why not?

A second passenger was arrested at the airport, after a sniffer dog found something in his bag. The other passengers were then moved to another location, after being told it was not safe where they were - the implication being there was another explosive device. The FBI have denied that a second man was arrested. Who was this man? Why are the FBI denying this arrest?

And, importantly, why is the mainstream media ignoring all these fishy facts? Yet again, the MSM has proven itself unwilling and unable to do its job of informing the public and holding the authorities to account. Instead we are given a narrative, to soften us up for more war (the drums are beating to start escalating involvement in Yemen), and less rights (everyone must be photographed naked if they want to fly).

Get the whole story from eye witness Kurt Haskell here.

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Trooper Thompson said...

Unsurprisingly for you, I disagree. Giving up freedom for security doesn't work, like giving the bully your lunch money. The bully may go away for the time being, but will be back for more. Allowing these naked body scanners, which may well be harmful to the health, as are x-rays, will not be the end. They are already talking about 'tazer bracelets', so that passengers can be shocked into compliance whenever this is deemed necessary.

Next time, when the terrorist shoves the bomb up his arse, are you happy to submit to a proctology exam before getting on?