Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Free the Dubai One!

Okay, schoolboy error from Grooverider gets him busted in the ME – four years bird for less than an eighth, he'd forgotten about in his jeans. That's gotta hurt, and no doubt sympathy will be sparse. Nevertheless...

He fucked up – he got caught. but doing something which is no crime in my book, and it sure as hell ain't listed in the Ten Commandments. So, come you hand choppers – hand back the Grooverider!



Anonymous said...

Holy shit, what a story!

I know someone who works in Dubai who got 30 lashes for running a red.

It could be worse. Some woman caught drinking coffee in Starbucks in Saudi faces a lot worse.

p.s come on Arsenal ;)

Trooper Thompson said...

Re: p.s. I thought I saw you crowing over a recent result at White Hart Lane? I'll settle for 0 - 0. All we need now is an away goal against Berlusconi's boys.