Monday 25 February 2008

Kennedy: 40 years and no justice

New evidence emerges surrounding the assassination of Robert Kennedy. New evidence which correlates exactly with what anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows, that Sirhan Sirhan was not the only shooter, and that the bullets that killed him were fired at very close range from behind.

This matches the autopsy, and the fact that 14 slugs were dug out of the walls and the bodies of Kennedy and Paul Schrade, and Sirhan's gun only carried eight rounds.

But it's so long ago, does it matter? Indeed yes. When you consider that those responsible for killing Robert Kennedy and those who killed his brother were never brought to justice, not only that, they continued in whatever positions of power they operated from, when you consider that America since the JFK shooting has been inhabiting a strange twilight world of cognitive dissonance, where ordinarily sane people are expected to pay heed to the most ludicrous, blatant lies – that an eight-shooter can fire 14 bullets, that a bullet can rattle through two bodies and then appear magically untouched on a trolley in a Dallas hospital, when you consider 9/11, for which the official explanation is just as demonstrably false as either Kennedy shooting, then you must surmise that it does matter, and the truth must be forced into the open and the Babel of lies smashed forever.

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