Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Why I hate judges, pt 94

It's interesting, in a perverse way, to compare the statements made by 'Justice' Sir Henry Hodge, when appearing before a Commons select committee in 2006 and when sitting in judgement over the deportation case against a serial sex offender.

Back in the day he observed that removing people was a "big, big problem", and "an efficient removals system would be great." Now he finds that a man who has attacked 11 women, and has also managed to cram into his short life convictions for robbery, burglary, arson and drugs offences, cannot be sent back to his country of origin because it would breach his 'human rights' to enjoy a family life, in between prison sentences, one imagines. As the Telegraph reports:

'Gabrielle Browne, one of the women he attacked, said she felt "devastated and let down" by the judgement. She believes [the criminal] will attack again.'

That is almost guaranteed, and Hodge knows it as well as anyone, but obviously couldn't care less. His legal company, Hodge Jones & Allen, "was founded in 1977 by 3 young idealistic lawyers" according to its website. It has a section on 'professional negligence,' which is ironic, considering his negligence in this matter, which will most likely condemn more innocent people like Gabrielle Brown to become victims of Justice Hodge's new friend.


Anonymous said...

What a great post!

Im nicking that picture too. May i?

God how i hate these people. From experience, from reading stuff like this.... I just ***^^!!!***** hate them!

Trooper Thompson said...

Take it with my blessing