Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Put the blame on Mame

One of my favourite old movies is 'Gilda', with Glen Ford and Rita Hayworth. Back in 1946, you needed a little more imagination and wit to make a movie about love and hate, and the film is dragged along by a dark undercurrent of what is unsaid and unseen, illuminated in flashes of verbal lightning.

(Find the rest on you tube: type 'Gilda entire movie')


Anonymous said...

alright dude.

like the blog. Nice mix of stuff.

I have been inspired to start my own.
but I will let it 'bed in' before I offer a link, I think.

I wouldn't want to invite scorn from veterans such as yourself!
seeya nxt week.

Trooper Thompson said...

Don't be a shrinking violet! Seize the (vox) day.