Saturday, 1 December 2007

They want your children

In a sweeping move planned for next year, the Government is taking control of every nursery in the country through the imposition of a national curriculum for children under five years old. The evil fabians are ready to tighten their grip over those least able to defend themselves.

Not without some resistance: today a campaign was launched, including many top child psychologists to fight back against the nationalisation of toddlers, claiming the prussian-style framework will adversely affect many children. Dr Richard House, one of the group, told the BBC:

"It's just not appropriate to manage everything - this audit mentality is coming into the early years stage and it is going to be disastrous. If the practitioners have to look over their shoulder to tick boxes and are monitoring children, the quality of relating with children could be severely compromised."

None of this is surprising. Children are all different and develop at different rates, and do not develop uniformly. Any parent with more than one child can tell you that. With this new system, each child will be categorised in a hundred different ways, and a stultifying uniformity will be instilled into them all. Any willful infant will be immediately branded as having 'special educational needs' and, if the parents let them, medicated. All this overseen by an army of inspectors, looking for faults, revelling in their new powers.

This is nothing to do with education. They want your children. They want them in the system, fingerprinted, categorised, regimented, and as young as possible. They are scum. Resist them.


flashgordonnz said...

Ummm: haven't they more pressing matters at the moment? Like education for the over 5's?
Jesus, their workload is like my wife's DIY list: unprioritised and all over the place
And just like their hidden agenda is to programme our children, hers is to keep me from having leisure time ("esp reading those f@#$king blogs").


Trooper Thompson said...

"haven't they more pressing matters at the moment? Like education for the over 5's?"

No, they've fucked that up already. Job done, time to move on.

Can't help you with 'er indoors, except to point out that, unprioritised and disordered it may be, at least she did a list, and is thus one better than you!