Thursday 10 January 2008

Massive voter fraud in New Hampshire

The Ron Paul campaign is facing a hurdle: They must demand a recount in New Hampshire primary. Voter fraud is a sad reality in the USA, with both the 2000 and 2004 elections of Bush being most likely stolen, in Florida and Ohio respectively (two people were recently jailed for their part in the Ohio fraud). The widespread use of electronic machines to count the vote has made vote-rigging so much easier, but it is in keeping with these dark times that blatant crimes can be done so openly, such is the criminality of the establishment powers and their craven lapdogs in the media.

In places where ballots were hand-counted, Ron Paul got on average 15% - completely in line with polls. Nevertheless the overall vote for Dr Paul is given as 8%, which is exactly the kind of 'discrepancy' that election monitors look for when examining evidence of vote-rigging. There are many instances of votes 'disappearing' that we already know about from witnesses. The same dark forces seem to have been working against Barack Obama as well.

It would be wrong to see the Ron Paul campaign as only about getting the Doctor into the White House, it is certainly waking people up, and hopefully these many people will stay awake and become active in a thousand different ways, exposing the criminals in power in America (and the world in general), and exposing the mainstream media for its willful smothering of the truth.



Maxxexpert said...

Ron paul MUST demand a recount and ask for an investigation into the backgrounds of all vote counters through out the US. Ron Paul had his 1st, 2nd or 3rd place stolen from him as well as having his momentum taken from him as well. Will he be asked to any talk shows in the future or any more debates? He is finished if he doesn't challenge the NH vote.

The Ron Paul blimp as well as banner towing aircraft should be over towns where vote recounts are especially needed. RP supporters should be passing out brochures on the street asking residents there if they voted for Ron Paul and if they will come forward and sign an affidavit testifying to that. It is up to Ron Paul and the people of New Hampshire!

Trooper Thompson said...

I agree. The campaign has the foot soldiers. It must deploy them. The criminality must be exposed and punished. We all knew it was going to happen, but that sure as hell doesn't mean we should ACCEPT it.