Sunday 15 June 2008

Not Wanted

Why should the people of London put up with martial law just because George Walker Bush is in town? Why should hundreds of thousands of air passengers face massive delays? Why are armoured cars needed on our city streets? Why should we pay to protect this chicken-necked piece of trash?


Anonymous said...

Because he is the proxy for the people who own the world.

Next question?

Trooper Thompson said...

Ahh... okay, I'll get back in line.

Anonymous said...

No clue why they're going so idiotically overboard on it. Probably because the clowns running the UK these days go idiotically overboard on everything.

But, as far as why you provide security for visiting heads of state... it's because that's what civilized nations do.

Trooper Thompson said...


there's providing security... and then there's:

"Yesterday, passengers were delayed for up to an hour after air space over Heathrow was cleared to allow a military cargo plane carrying armoured cars to land at nearby RAF Northolt"

soubriquet said...

Five hours delay for one friend of mine.
Imagine the worldwide displacement, late connecting flights, people waiting all day for friends and relatives.
Let us assume that Heathrow Airport is secure?
well, okay, I know that's a joke, but. If it's secure enough for the rest of us, as it is, why is it not secure enough for chickenshit-george?.
then, of course why did he not fly into a nice secure U.S. airbase on our sovereign soil, a place deemed secure enough to deploy his nukes, or trans-ship his deniable totrure-victims?
I presume that Heathrow does not normally stop every time something flies in to Northolt. Why for a heap of his armoured gas-guzzlers?
And, given that the fuckwit stayed for such a short time, what the ploot was there that really needed his presence?

Trooper Thompson said...

It's almost like they don't care!