Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Any reason will do

Stephen Kinzer, writing in the Guardian, shares my fears that the Bush/Cheney death cult is desperate to attack Iran, and the fighting over South Ossetia may bring that day closer:

'In recent years, the Bush administration has sought at every turn to challenge Russian interests. It has worked to cut Russia out of energy pipelines, expand Nato up to Russia's borders, build missile defence bases near those borders, promote the independence of Kosovo and encourage former Soviet states like Georgia to spit in Russia's strategic eye.

This approach worked while Russia was prostrate. It was inevitable, though, that Russia would eventually begin to re-emerge as an influential power. Now it has.

Washington protested Russia's crushing of Georgia with howls of outrage. President Bush declared with a straight face that "bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century"...

For years before the September 11 terror raids, a clique of millenarian ideologues in Washington had been urging a US attack on Iraq. The raids gave them their excuse. Now I fear the same may be happening with Iran. Georgia could be the excuse.'



Anonymous said...

He does say some daft things, Bush.

Trooper Thompson said...

That's what I'd call understatement!

Anonymous said...