Wednesday 3 September 2008

EU admits defeat, but remember, it's a sore loser

It was the bloggers wot won the Irish referendum, according to a secret Brussels document leaked to the Irish Times and reported in the Telegraph. I may be over-egging the pudding, but - what the hell - the report certainly recognises how there has been a shift away from top-down dissemination of (dis/mis-) information to the common herd communicating with each other - and it scares the shit out of them.

That right Brussels, you can buy off the political class, but out here in the market of ideas, your shit won't sell - that's why "blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative". Even amongst the broadly pro-EU bloggers you find many of them actually want root and branch reform of the 'project'. What makes them 'pro' is that they entertain the delusion that this is a possibility, and many are no happier with the reality of the EU project than its opponents.

Hat tips to Longrider, The Landed Underclass & Old Holborn for flagging this up. Old Holborn is no doubt correct when he says:

"The next battle between them and us, establishment and anti-establishment, official and unofficial is only a matter of time. What are they going to do about it? Is the EU ready? Are you ready?"

My faith is in God, and my powder is dry. I'm ready.

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