Sunday, 12 October 2008

These are the people who want your information

The sick Hegelian state-worshippers who constantly seek to increase the violation of our privacy on the grounds of protecting us from nasty people have yet again demonstrated their utter incapacity to manage the data they already have. The MoD has lost the personnel data of 100,000 members of the armed forces via its corporate contractor EDS.

Not for the first time has the state proved itself to be drunk at the information wheel. As summarised by The Register:

"In January the MoD admitted losing a laptop with details of 600,000 applicants for the armed services. The data was unencrypted and the laptop, which was not password protected, was left in an empty car overnight.

In March it admitted losing 11,000 ID cards over the last two years.

In July it coughed to losing 87 storage devices containing classified material since 2003.

In September it was the turn of the RAF. It lost three hard disk drives containing information on all current and recently-ex members of the RAF - about 50,000 people.

Also in September it was an MoD staffer, on secondment to the Cabinet Office, who left two top secret intelligence documents on a train from Waterloo."

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