Thursday 14 May 2009

Appeal Court judges gush over child killer

Isn't it wonderful that a convicted child rapist and murderer is making 'exceptional progress' in jail? So much so that the Appeal Court has reduced his minimum tariff by two years, agreeing with the killer's lawyer that 30 years was 'manifestly excessive'. According to a sympathetic Lord Judge:

"On the evidence before us he has sought to address the reasons behind the commission of these offences."

What world do these judges live in, where brutally murdering two children can be treated a personal development issue?


alison said...

I feel sick. Makes me want to go a bit nuts. Our judiciary is full of grotesque human beings with way way too much power and should be wiped clean and started over. Goddamit.

Trooper Thompson said...

I quite agree. (I've been away btw, hence the lack of follow-up)