Sunday, 28 June 2009

Iran: smoke and mirrors

Xerxes at the Chessboard from 'The Book of Chess' by Jacopo de Cessole

Robert Baer, ex-CIA field officer and man behind the movie Syriana, writes on the current situation in Iran:

"Some facts about Iran's election will hopefully emerge in the coming weeks, with perhaps even credible evidence that the election was rigged. But until then, we need to add a caveat to everything we hear and see coming out of Tehran. For too many years now, the Western media have looked at Iran through the narrow prism of Iran's liberal middle class — an intelligentsia that is addicted to the Internet and American music and is more ready to talk to the Western press, including people with money to buy tickets to Paris or Los Angeles. Reading Lolita in Tehran is a terrific book, but does it represent the real Iran?"

Read the article.

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