Tuesday 15 September 2009

Unintended Irony

Here's George Monbiot, unwittingly describing himself:

"Creationists and climate change deniers have this in common: they don't answer their critics. They make what they say are definitive refutations of the science. When these refutations are shown to be nonsense, they do not seek to defend them. They simply switch to another line of attack. They never retract, never apologise, never explain, just raise the volume, keep moving and hope that people won't notice the trail of broken claims in their wake."

But George, it's your cohort who refuse to debate the science, on the spurious grounds that you've already had the debate.

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cisbio said...

Funny that, I came across this absolutely brilliant blog which likens both creationism and AGW to conspiracy theories!

For AGW deniers it goes something like this: the scientific community is determined to convince the world that global warming exists -why? Because the NWO wants to control the world and rise more taxes and other stuff.

That's the only reason. Scientists, apparently, WANT TO PAY MORE TAXES; it's in their genes -or something. They desire, above all else, to be held in thrall by a WORLD GOVERNMENT. Why else would they all produce false research?

For the global warming conspiracy theory to work, you have to explain why all the scientists buy into it. What, exactly, is the vested interest that all those climatologists are pursuing?

What are you? One of those who insist that no global warming is happening - even while the North West passage is navigated for the first time ever?

Or, one of those who concede (reluctantly) the GW is happening, but that humans ( and carbon) have nothing to do with it?

Accept reality, maan! It's harsh -we WILL have to deal with.

cisbio said...

with it.

James Higham said...

Monbiot is a wingnut anyway.

Trooper Thompson said...


"you have to explain why all the scientists buy into it."

But they don't. That's the key point, and that is why Monbiot and his fellow travellers keep saying the debate has already been concluded.

"even while the North West passage is navigated for the first time ever"

This is the perfect example of bollocks. It was the first time that a German ship took the NWP, but the Russians have been doing it for decades.

As I've said before the New World Order is a name given to the agenda to set up 'global governance', to remove the last vestiges of national sovereignty so the whole world becomes the playground of the corporate oligarchy. Much of this you are aware of and dislike, but you get bogged down in semantics. The UN, IMF, World Bank etc are openly discussing setting up a world currency and a world regulatory system, which will be run by the very same bankster criminals, such as Goldman Sachs, who have been looting the financial markets in recent times.

You can see through the bullshit of the 'global war on terror', because that's to trick the right wing. For you, they have global warming disaster. It's the hoax that fits your progressive, liberal mind. You should accept that not all scientists agree with Monbiot, and you should also accept why people like me see in Monbiot's ilk a very disagreeable fervour of a strangely religious hue.


surprisingly terse for you!

James Higham said...