Thursday, 25 March 2010

"The politics of the gutter" ?

Via Ambush Predator I note Labour are talking tough on travellers flouting planning laws and other such petty regulations they have a reputation for ignoring. Fair enough. There's nothing controversial in expecting the law to be applied equally ... except this is the party which castigated Michael Howard for saying much the same thing in the run-up to the last election.

As reported in the Independent, 20th March 2005, in an article headed "Howard stirs race row with attack on Gypsies":

'Keith Hill, the minister in charge of planning laws, accused the Tory leader yesterday of indulging in "the politics of the gutter".

He demanded: "Is Michael Howard really saying that he intends to get rid of the Human Rights Act, which offers protection to every citizen in our country? This is an extremely dangerous path to go down.

"This is Michael Howard tapping into what is probably the deepest vein of bigotry in our society - the prejudice against Gypsies and travellers." '

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