Saturday, 29 May 2010

Talk about fur coat no knickers

How our Second Chamber has been dragged down. From being a vital counterweight to the demagogues of the Lower House, it has been stuffed by party hacks and bearers of brown envelopes, determined to undermine any challenge to the constitution-trashing Commons.

The final insult must be elevating John Prescott to the Peerage, even though he swore many times that he'd refuse it. And his reasoning? Well, his wife's making him do it, as pay-back for his shameful behaviour in office. So, to be clear, John Prescott fucked one of the civil servants in his department, spent tax-payers' money getting his rocks off, so in order to get his wife off his case, he gets made a Lord.

Bring back the hereditary peers. They cannot possibly be worse than Prescott and the rest of Labour's failed generation of crooks, hypocrits and 'ex'-communists.

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