Monday, 21 June 2010

Cannabis: big pharma gets high

Oh joy. GW Pharma has been given a licence to produce a cannabis-based product. The rest of us can still fuck off, as far as the monopoly-men are concerned, because it's so fucking dangerous.

Fuck off, you cunts. Nobody needs GW fucking Pharma to get the benefits of the mighty herb. All you need is a seed, and a little bit of time. God gave it to us. Got a problem with that? Take it up with Him.



Anonymous said...

Legalize everything, I say. And tax it. No more economic crises ever.

BTS said...

Anybody know how to fake MS..?

Trooper Thompson said...

x, I reckon one of the reasons they don't is because it's so easy to grow it yourself.

BTS, hmm, you shouldn't tempt fate.

BTS said...

Well, I'd settle for the number of a more conveniently situated dealer.

Or a greenhouse and some patience..