Monday, 19 July 2010

The Obama Deception: get it while you can

We never know when the criminals in government will drop the hammer on our free internet. Our elite enemies hate the power of the internet. In the good old days, it was much easier to control the flow of information with a handful of gatekeepers. But the idea that, if the BBC hasn't covered it, it didn't happen, is dead now. Under the aegis of protecting the public from terrorism, extremism etc, they are itching to throw the switch. Then they can carve up the internet into a corporate bonanza of meaningless trash.

So, if you haven't already, watch 'The Obama Deception' while you still can.


cisbio said...

Howdy, dude

Yeh, I've heard Alex Jones lately expounding how he such a major threat to the NWA, that they're meeting this threat by....messing with the Goggle rating for this film!

his impenetrable self-regard was amusing, like for twenty minutes, now it's jus tiresome

This film is hilarious. in fact it makes me wonder if he isn't (say it quietly) one of those gate keepers.

I urge you to apply a modicum of critical thinking to this film -as an experiment, say.

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm sure you're right. Guantalemo is closed now, the troops are back from the Middle East, the Wall Street criminals are in jail, the Patriot Act is gone, the torture, the rendition, the secret prisons all things of the past.

It's all so clear now.

cisbio said...

well, the circumstances that pertain in the world are one thing. Explanations thereof are another.

This film is already looking dated. Jones talks about plans to introduce a healthcare system 'based on the British model' complete with death panels. look what happened to that. And we haven't heard much about the three-month national service thing either -not surprising, given Obama's numbers right now.

IMO Jones, whether he realises it or not, is just a shouty populist for free market fundamentalists.

Trooper Thompson said...

Because you're dead against the man, you're incapable of crediting Alex Jones, even when you agree with him (e.g. I expect you will agree on some of the following; the subject of the wars, the use of torture, draconian laws in general, drug prohibition, water fluoridation etc). If he was a mere populist, he would have made his millions as a mainstream conservative, bashing the democrats. Rather than this, he bashes the republicans just the same. He is popular, because many people, such as I, like him, respect his efforts and find his radio show to be one of the best things on the internet.

If you think the film looks dated, maybe so. It was made on a limited budget over a very short period of time. How much more dated do you think would look a hagiographic worship-fest compiled in Obama's honour from the same period? How dated does the Nobel Prize for peace award ceremony look now? The healthcare reforms haven't gone away yet. As is often the case, they are to be implemented in stages in the coming years.

"IMO Jones, whether he realises it or not, is just a shouty populist for free market fundamentalists."

Not so. He believes in free markets, because he believes in individual freedom. The former follows the latter. I make the distinction only to say you can't accuse him of fundamentalism, in the way Acton decries the Manchester School of putting free trade above all.

Trooper Thompson said...

btw drink due.

cisbio said...

I'll credit Jones with one thing: that he may actually believes what he rants, which is more than can be said for some of these populists. He still gets his facts wrong in many instances.

His analysis of the BP oil spill, for example, was full of factual errors. But that's what happens if you insist on weaving NWO conspiracies on the fly.

No-one identifies themselves as a 'free market fundamentalist'. Instead they called themselves 'freedom lovers' or something. They rail against the evils of government, the evils of climate change legislation, the evils of taxation etc.

I would've suggest a refreshing drink this evening, but alas I'm working OT. But soon. I. am. so. thirsty. must .soon

Trooper Thompson said...

"They rail against the evils of government"

What, like Procopius, Tacitus etc?

"the evils of taxation"

That reminds me; I have a drum of Belgian rolling tobacco, 200g, the cost; EUR 15.80. In England, you've never even seen such a drum. For that price you'd have 50g and no change.

"they called themselves 'freedom lovers'"

As long as they're consistent, what's your problem?

"His analysis of the BP oil spill, for example, was full of factual errors."

He covers the news and takes wide opinions. Not all of either are always correct, and yes, he makes sweeping statements and paraphrases at will, but he also brings up the real issues, such as the use of corexit, and who's making the money there, safety issues prior to the explosion, and reports of rows between Houston and the rig, the refusal of offers to help the clean-up, the interference of federal agencies, acting to block local efforts to protect the estuaries (remember Katrina - you trust these people?).