Saturday, 31 July 2010

That Soham killer story

On the face of it, the Soham killer may have a point. There is a duty of care to prisoners, and it's possible he's been let down in this respect. Not that anyone cares, except him.

I will not re-open the recent debate on the death penalty, but if the pro-hanging contingent need a poster boy, Huntley is it. Probably only Ian Brady stands between him and the crown of most hated man, and I expect a majority believe the only just sentence would have involved a hood, a rope and a trap door (or indeed something more medieval).

A sizable percentage of the population are gratified by each act of violence inflicted on him, but personally, I don't think we should leave justice to violent offenders to mete out on an ad hoc basis. Any money that he is awarded should go to the victims' families, and if this isn't how it works at present, I suggest the laws are fixed so it does in future.

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