Friday, 1 October 2010

10:10 - agree to our agenda or we will murder you

What can you say about 10:10's campaign video in which people who disagree with its agenda are murdered in the most graphic way? I'm lacking the hyperbole to describe this. Whatever words I can muster will not express just how monstrous these people are. I imagine that no one will drop by to my little blog to justify this outrage, but there are plenty who are prepared to do so at the Guardian. Apparently it's funny to see people who are prepared to disagree with the group-think being murdered. It's funny to see people covered in other people's blood. It's just a bit of fun to get a 'serious message' over. I agree with this last point: there is a serious message in there: if people disagree with 10:10, murder them. This film is arguably incitement to murder.

They hate humanity. They want to kill us all. We must stop them. We must turn this propaganda weapon on them.

Hat tip: Mr Eugenides


Andy said...

I thought you might like this:

Trooper Thompson said...

As analysis of the driving force in some of these enviro-nuts, I think it's spot on. What bothers me, or rather one thing that bothers me (and I made this point on a comment thread elsewhere) is that we are now going to be subjected to endless spoof versions of this loathesome film, like the Hitler one, which will reinforce the crude, dehumanising element of the original. Thus, the idea of pressing a red button and destroying someone you don't like will enter into our common psyche.

As I've also said elsewhere, I am of the opinion that the original is aimed at children, because it chimes with their sense of humour, and any adult who find it hilarious, as some claim to do, is revealing a severely stunted intellect. Even though the group 10:10 will be vilified for the film, it will nevertheless successfully further an agenda to inculcate callousness in the hearts of many.