Sunday, 10 October 2010

Those charming Gaia people

Following on from the last post, and via Not Evil, Just Wrong (a name which is too charitable, I'd say), I note this delightful poster from the Enviro-mentalists. It seems to be a bit of a leitmotif amongst the Gaia crowd, killing kids. I guess there are two aspects to it: firstly to provoke alarm in the general public, who see such an image as above and at a deep level want to do something to save the kid, and secondly killing children seems to appeal to the sicko enviro-nuts, for whom the death of a child represents a reduction in carbon use.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll do my bit for my carbon footprint by leaving my job and signing on, think how much I'm saving the planet by not getting the bus to work, making cups of tea, using carbon-inefficient lifts etc and I can even sit on my arse at home watching recycled telly like the Antiques Roadshow on my ancient telly.

And I don't have any "cheeldren" will stick to masturbation, so saving the planet for all thos subsequent generations who like hatching the little bastards.

Though I'm unsure of the carbon footprint my wank tissues may be causing, anybody know where to buy some eco-wank friendly tissues?

cornyborny said...

Sick fuckers. But hopefully soon to be irrelevant, impotent sick fuckers (as long as the dimwit political classes catch up with public opinion and kick the ecoloons to the kerb).

Trooper Thompson said...


well done, I guess, excuse me if I don't shake your hand...


don't hold your breath, there's a lot of money invested in selling us on carbon rationing and all the other regulatory boondoggles.