Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Another case of corporate manslaughter by the Parole Board

The Daily Mail covers the life sentence passed on a man for a double murder. It also notes he was already sentenced to life in prison some years earlier, but that the Parole Board let him out, leading to at least two further murders.

The control-freak state never ceases to find new ways to 'keep us safe' by spying on us and violating our liberty. What it is never prepared to do is the most simple and obvious things, such as KEEPING CONVICTED PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERERS LOCKED UP FOR THE DURATION OF THEIR SENTENCE.

Thus I propose again that the members of the Parole Board who set this man free be held accountable for the key role they have played in at least two murders. Only when such people are held responsible for the consequences of their actions will they act in a responsible manner.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Agreed EF,SR except I would hold them individually and separately liable for their actions rather than as a corporate entity.

Anonymous said...

agreed, the decision to parole may not have been unanimous.