Monday, 7 November 2011

Nothing enflames the state-worshippers more than self-defence

It's probably not hugely important, but the Mail covers a story about a US self-defence expert who various knicker-wetting Labourites are trying to get banned from the country, simply because he teaches to meet violence with bigger violence. Here's one of them:
Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree, said: 'I'm shocked that someone would come to Britain with the sole purpose of profiteering from the troubles this summer.

'This kind of inflammatory rhetoric has the potential to incite violence and make our streets more dangerous not less.

'The real story of the disturbances was told - not by those who caused the damage - but by the hundreds of people who came out onto the streets in the days afterwards to clean up and take back their communities.'
Bollocks. The real story was that the riots were stopped by valiant citizens defending their properties and not allowing the scumbag looters to trash, burn and steal. Those who worship the state despise self-defence. They consider the disarmed victims of scumbag criminals to be a price worth paying to ensure that citizens can't defend their liberties against the biggest and most predatory criminal of all ...

the state itself.


Humph said...

These people make me fucking laugh. The 'riots' were nothing compared to what we're likely to have coming to us next year. We will need the survival skills of John Rambo and the constructive ingenuity of the A Team to get by when things kick off properly.

Hyperinflation, monster interest rates, mass unemployment, global protests and rioting (as opposed to a spot of opportunistic looting) - it's all round the corner. Anyone seen The Road? Maybe not quite that bad but I think 2012-13 are going to be a fucking tough couple of years.

Angry Exile said...

Trying to protect their monopoly on force and violence again, and we all know who'll suffer most from that. For the supposed party of the poor they really don't do a very good job in giving a fuck about the poor.

Michael Fowke said...

@Humph, I want to be like Mad Max - cruising the highways!

James Higham said...

I think you've pretty well covered it there, Trooper.