Sunday 4 March 2012

Our charming allies in Libya

The Telegraph reports on the desecration of British military graves in Libya. This is not, however, the worst that is happening in that country, as the suffering of living people must outrank such distasteful scenes.

It is no surprise that the western media cheerleaders who did such sterling work propagandising for NATO during the months of bombardment have largely lost interest in covering the aftermath of Gadaffi's overthrow. Indeed, Libya is being held up as some kind of example of how such interventions should be run, with some demanding a similar mission to deliver 'peace and democracy' to Syria.


investment in farmland said...

Yes, but surely BAE will win some good contracts from a Libyan intervention; thereby causing its share price to rise; thereby helping pension funds; thereby helping elderly English. So, isn't it really just about helping our senior citizens?

James Higham said...

Well, it's a lesson for everyone worldwide - should be clear now what we should and should not wish for.