Friday, 25 May 2012

Austerity Tory Style: £250 million handed over to biotech buddies

The next time a Tory claims they support capitalism and free trade, could you please point them towards this article at the Ministry of Truth, wherein the government hands over £250 million to the biotech industry.

I wouldn't mind so much if they were honest to themselves and came out and told us straight that they hate capitalism and actually prefer a centrally-planned economy. At least then we'd all understand each other. They could accept what they are: collectivist, authoritarian scum, and I could attack them on this basis, without having first to explain what the fuck free trade and capitalism ain't - such as socialising the costs of biotech companies, producing 'food' no one in their right mind would eat, all the while telling us we should work harder and pay more taxes. You greedy, robbing parasites.
Mr Willetts said ministers had a key role to play in working with business, researchers to support innovation and ensure its commercial success...

He said: "It is what they do not just in Germany or South Korea but in the USA too. We should not let myths about free market America inhibit us from doing the same here."

"We are backing the risk takers, and are willing to take a risk ourselves."

Pardon the language, but WHAT A CUNT. What risk is this piece of trash taking? He's giving away our money! As for 'myths about free market America', that's not paper-thin, that's air. I have no doubt that America is descending into a fascist police state, run by criminals, but that hardly justifies following suit.

If Willetts wants to take a risk, may I suggest Russian roulette.

Hat tip: The Waspsnest

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