Thursday, 25 October 2007

Endgame: Alex Jones' new movie is here

The much-awaited new documentary from patriot hero Alex Jones is now released on Prison Planet TV. Here's the man himself speaking at one of the preview screenings.

The most interesting part for me focuses on the eugenics movement, how it started back in the 19th century in Britain and America, and was developed with chilling efficiency under the Nazis in Germany, and how it threatens us all now that science has advanced so far, that bio-weapons can be tailored at specific ethnic groups. One of the many shocking things is an excerpt from an American pro-eugenics propaganda movie from the 1930s, showing a young, hard-working and upright woman being ordered by a judge to be sterilised, because her father's a criminal and her brother's mentally subnormal - and this shit happened! Although the eugenics movement had to do a bit of name-changing after Hitler had gotten them a bad reputation, they still carried on as before, such as with the widespread sterilisation of native American women up until the 1970s, and who knows what these bastards are perpetrating in places like Africa right now?

As ever Alex Jones tells you stuff you wish wasn't true, but unfortunately it is.

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