Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pass the gas, it's Question Time

The BBC's Question Time is so painful to watch, I don't recommend it without anasthesia. If ever a case needs to be made for the bankruptcy of our present political system, this is it.

Geoffrey Robinson's speech in defence of Nouveau Labour sleaze piled lies, bombast and moral vacuuity to such heights, I feared some kind of critical mass would be reached, a chain reaction started and the world sucked into a black hole. I long for the day when the audience stop expecting answers from these clowns, storm the stage and dole out savage beatings.

The three main parties represent a minority fraction of the population, and we need to find a way to push them aside.


Anonymous said...

I know, it drives me mad as well. You're right though, it is a good representation of the the current political culture, in the fact that they're judged not for honesty and insight, but for the ability to deflect and 'style out' questions, with the trademark change in pitch at the right point to instigate applause.

Is it me, or are most people bull-simple?

Trooper Thompson said...

I don't think most people are so simple, but to quote Bill Hicks:

"... people are frustrated not having their voice of reason confirmed, and everyone has that voice of reason that goes “this is bull, man, what I'm watching is bull” and yet the media does not confirm it, so after a while people begin to think they're insane, and that's the bummer about it. But that's why I love non-mainstream stuff, because you actually hear honest emotions, and that's what you won't hear on mainstream TV ever is honest emotions."

The first thing to do is get away from the mainstream media bullshit, and then you can see it for what it is - about 5% of the truth.