Tuesday 29 January 2008

Give me the child until he is seven...

Why do schools teach 'sex and relationship' classes? What is the necessity? Is it to cut the high level of teenage pregnancy and venereal disease in this country? Okay, so these things have reduced since the lessons began, right?

Wrong. So what's the solution? As usual for the social engineers on their mission to create the perfect society (-AKA a hellish dystopia of nightmare proportions) it's keep taking the medicine, and let's increase the dose.

Thus MP Chris Bryant calls for children to be indoctrinated with the state-sanctioned message at ever-younger ages. The idea that such personal, individual matters are the rightful domain of the state, and thus the elitist minority who direct it, seems to be widely accepted these days, and only the religious-minded are likely to complain.

No doubt such as these latter can be ridiculed for their 'archaic' beliefs. The irony is that the state's desire to imprint young minds with the 'correct' attitudes, in this area and many others, is just as theocratic as the average Pakistani madrassa. Its aim is to inculcate a worldview, secular and humanist perhaps, nevertheless all-encompassing and all-pervading.


Anonymous said...

Why do schools teach 'sex and relationship' classes?

Because parents cannot be bothered and we pay taxes for the end result of their irresponsibility.

Trooper Thompson said...

This presupposes that children need to be explicitly taught about these things, and that there is an officially correct series of facts to teach in the first place.

'parents cannot be bothered'

This is a sweeping generalisation. A great many parents will tell their children about sex. And as for relationships, children learn from what they see and can work out the rest as they go along.

E.g. No boy is ever taught about masturbation - nevertheless he will discover it at some point. The idea that a state-employed teacher should instruct him in the matter is ridiculous.

It is worth comparing the present situation to what went before. Prior to anyone having a government worker explain the facts of life, somehow we managed - otherwise the human race would have died out long ago.

Anonymous said...

Ive worked in schools. They (parents) really cannot be arsed.

You seem to be taking the view that I think schools should teach everything. I don't. But i do think they should teach the basics eg sex and contraception. They're schools, it's biology. And we do pay for the results of idiotic parenting.

"Prior to anyone having a government worker explain the facts of life"

For years the church gave the world sex education - including regards masturbation, relationships and contraception. In my view it was always more of the view that it had a right. And that attitude still filters through some parents, even the ones that can be arsed.

Noone taught me about the pill. I think i learned it from a leaflet out of necessity. Just as well i could figure it out. It's not straight forward.

Trooper Thompson said...

"For years the church gave the world sex education"

Right, and now the state has replaced the church, and acts in the same way to impose a set of values on people. This is not progress.

Let the schools teach the basics - i.e. the biology. Relationships is not biology, and there is no need for relationships and other such things to be taught in a classroom. Sure some parents don't want to discuss some things with their children, and there's no reason right now for them to do it, if the state is imposing upon them its alternative method. Some people no doubt wouldn't wipe their own arse, if the state told them it would do it for them. In any case its not either/or, there are other ways kids can learn things.