Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Spoken like a true pillar

Professor Ian Gilmore has urged the Royal College of Physicians to use their 'respected positions' in society to play their part in fighting global warming. What respected position? A bunch of quacks and body snatchers, if they haven't got a hand-out from a drug company rep listing your symptoms, they say it's a virus. Who can't do that?

According to the Prof in the conference blurb: 'Doctors should play as big a role in championing green issues and sustainable development as they would in the clinical care of their own patients." He warned of more asthma as pollution gets worse, deaths from heatwaves and tropical diseases like malaria arriving.

How ignorant is this guy? Malaria is not tropical. Sure you find it in the tropics, you also find it in Siberia. Pollution may get worse, but is he suggesting we're anywhere near the situation that pertained prior to the Clean Air Act? It may be bad in London, but ask a Londoner who remembers what a pea-souper was, and they'll set you straight.

'As embassadors for improving healthcare we must become champions of change to protect the planet from climate change.'

Here's another idea: Shut the fuck up. You want to change the world? Start by cleaning up your hospitals. Once you've 'championed' that change, maybe you'll have time to administer to Gaia's ills.



Clunking Fist said...

Amen. What an arsewipe.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh Dr Crippen.

Trooper Thompson said...

If you check out the second link, you can see some of the speakers at the conference - not exactly a cross section of opinion, and all hosted by the BBC (not biased at all) environment and science correspondent.

Still, these doctors are trying. Think how they've reduced their 'carbon footprint' by refusing house visits...