Monday, 24 May 2010

Rand Paul: a new hope

Excellent news from Kentucky, with Rand Paul selected as the Republican candidate for the Senate race. This leaves the Establishment with a problem: how to demonise this man, whose libertarian, constitutional message speaks for many? Naturally, they decide to play the race card, their favourite smear, and manufacture a fake issue out of a forty-year-old piece of legislation - the Civil Rights Act back from the days of LBJ. Anything but ask him about the issues of today; the unconstitutional laws of Bush and Obama, the futile foreign wars, the banker bailout must be kept off the agenda, for fear that the people will hear Rand Paul and agree with him.

The Mainstream have never looked so desperate. The sad thing is how incomprehensible to today's so-called (and falsely so) liberals is Rand Paul's wholly liberal (original meaning) argument.


Anonymous said...

This article was published the day after Rand Paul took the Repub nom for senate here in Kentucky:


Rand Paul wants us to think he's a redneck. He's not.

In the year 1921, over 10,000 coal miners from West Virginia, many of whom were World War I veterans, after years of corporate brutality, exploitation and outright murder by corporate hired thugs, said good bye to their families, to their wives and their children and took up what arms they had. It was time for them to lay it all on the line. It was time for these men to sh*t or get off the pot. Thus, began the largest armed civil insurrection in the history of the United States by Americans against Americans on American soil since the Civil War to date. No fancy monument or historical marker commemorates this ragtag army of simple men, men of many colors and ethnic backgrounds, all black from the coal and bone-tired of the corruption. There is no national acknowledgment of their epic battle against corporate greed and political collusion, but one can still find a rusty hunting rifle or two along it's bloody trail if one takes the time or cares to look.

They called themselves Rednecks.

We've known for decades where Mitch stands when it comes to Corporations vs. The American People. It's now clear who Rand Paul would have stood side by side with during The Redneck Insurrection of 1921 and, it's more than clear whose side he's on now. I bet a dollar to a donut he doesn't even like unions. Looks like it's time for the Kentucky tea partiers to pony up, to put their money where their mouth is, to "take back our country" from the corporations and politicians trying bleed it dry for profit and don't mind killing us in the process to do it. It's time to Derby down.

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Trooper Thompson said...


I don't have a great knowledge of Rand Paul, but if he's anything like his father, he'll be head and shoulders above the mainstream republicans and democrats.

If you expect the federal government to protect you from the corporations, you'll be disappointed - Wall Street is running Washington - see the banker bailout for evidence or the healthcare bill, which was written by the insurance industry, or for that matter the policy towards GM crops, written by a Monsanto executive, temporarily working for the FDA.

As long as Rand Paul holds fast to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I will wish him well.