Sunday, 16 May 2010

A world turned upside down

I've been sucked into a parallel universe or something. How else to explain Roy Hattersley's comment that the Labour Party should become 'a libertarian party AGAIN'?

What a cunt. Roy, your party is not, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be anything other than the deadly enemy of freedom. Moving on through your ridiculous article, and going by the straight, dictionary definition rather than the tainted political slogan, there's nothing progressive about Labour, and as for being radical, indeed you are: radically wrong. It's all very well you celebrating, like the rest of us, the fall of your party from government, but don't think you can sneak away whistling from the crimes of New Labour. You don't get a 'clean slate' to start again. You wrecked our country, and think yourself lucky you're not all hanging from a gallows for your collective(ist) treason.

Hat tip: Libertarian Party blog


cisbio said...

yo dude,

I've just given you some free advertising on Vox Populi blog

I noticed today an appeal for URLs to refresh his blogroll. Thought I'd give them the heads up. hope you don't mind.

BTW, I was going to suggest a pint on Friday, but something came up. pint soon

paulo said...

Well said.

Absolutely spot on.

"hanging from a gallows for collective treason."

I don't recall any pronouncements from Hatters while the country was being destroyed but then perhaps he was just biding his time, the fucking coward!


Trooper Thompson said...

Give us a shout whenever Cisbio.

Paolo, don't forget - as a socialist, Roy yearns for a state, where both vigorous government and supine opposition are contained within the one sole party.

He stands like a little kid next to a house he's just burnt to the ground, smiling, saying 'what shall we play now?'

Furor Teutonicus said...

You don't get a 'clean slate' to start again.

The trouble is, the average imbicilic voter will do JUST that.

THEY think just because the "Government" has a new leader (Note not neccessarily a new party. Cameron will always be known to me as Commyron), that all the past problems have been wipped out, like rebooting a computer.

Give them five weeks, and we will start seeing the newspaper letter sites filling up with "Look at the mess Commyron has got us into. Bring back Labour, they were GOOD!"

James Higham said...

Control freak and statist party maybe.