Sunday, 30 September 2007

Common Purpose: who the hell are these people?

I came across this presentation on "Common Purpose", an organisation that I have never before heard of, but from what I can see, some light needs to be shone into this corner of the corporatist state. Browsing the net, I discovered Philip Davies, tory MP for Shipley, had tabled a number of written questions on how much money had the government ministries handed over to their chums in "Common Purpose", which turns out to be on average over £250K per year over the last five years (the period that was asked about). This only involved sixteen government departments, and doesn't cover all the manifold local authorities, commissions and quangos who have put money in this organisation's pockets - all at our expense. Time to start digging, I think.


aglassoffrenchwine said...

yeah thats pretty damn creepy. Cant we simply have a bit of shared economic muscle, managed free flow of people, that sort of thing without the need for an agenda? Besides which - we dont need these people. Speak to any one in any multi and they support the EU. The sooner we shake off the idea that this is a uniquely government agenda is the day i can take euroscepticism seriously. Look at the US. ( I dont mean you, youre cool, i mean The Others)

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "look at the US".

I do look at the US a lot, and see exactly the same problems, including the dismantling of national sovereignty, the massive power of the corporations, erosion of individual rights etc.

Guthrum said...

I had posted this last week (wednesday) but after making further enquiries I decided to delete it. The presenter in this video, his axe to grind is that he is virulently anti EU and a candidate for UKIP. Unfortunately what has been presented as a conspiracy, is more likely to be sad inadequates in public 'service' who join organisations like this which are American inspired, AMWAY were using much the same tactics, in the hope of protecting there jobs.

Some of the issues raised have been referred quite properly to the Audit Commission for mis use of public funds.

A Libertarian Party would insist that any public official who can spend public funds is an elected official, Chief Constable etc. At present these positions are appointed, and the people are very difficult to get rid of

Trooper Thompson said...


"virulently anti-EU"?

Never! I think you shouldn't dismiss it so casually, for one reason above all others - these "sad inadequates" have enormous power over our society, especially when brought together. We have a right to know every penny that is being poured into this body from public funds. All around this country there are development agencies, commissions of this and that, councils etc with massive budgets, and they're doling it out with gay abandon. The opportunities for corruption within secretive networks is huge, to say nothing of the social agenda they're pushing.

No doubt a libertarian party in power would drain the swamp these creatures infest, but that day will not come if we don't fight the statist beast at every turn.