Saturday, 29 September 2007

The virtual James Purnell

In the days of Stalin, photos were doctored to remove politicians that had fallen from favour. How times have changed.

I wouldn't bother commenting but then I stumbled upon this rather priggish account of the embarrasing incident. According to Gracchi at "Westminster Wisdom" (sic):

"This is precisely the kind of media bias that hurts us all- not a bias leftwards or rightwards but a bias towards stupidity and triviality." James Purnell is a spiffing bloke, we are told, so "to all involved, just stop, this is hurting us, hurting democracy."

Yeah, right. Whilst I agree that there are indeed far more important things, politicians who live by media spin deserve to die by it too. If it's any consolation to this Gracchi character, my view of democracy, the political class and the media in this country is already so cynical and hateful, this really changes nothing. The best I hope for is the occasional laugh at their expense.

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