Saturday, 27 October 2007

We need more blood (like Podhoretz needs a hole in his head)

As many have remarked in the past, politics makes for strange bedfellows. So now I find myself in complete agreement with Vladimir Putin, who has compared the Bush regime's war-mongering with Iran to a crazy man running around clutching a cut-throat razor.

One of satan's little helpers in the neocon deathcult is Norman Podhoretz, who claims the USA must bomb Iran, presumably so he can stick a finger up his arse and jerk himself off over the scenes of mass murder that will result.

He's a better idea, Norman: why don't you fuck off, you evil scumbag.


daytripper said...

war is peace!!

get on board loser :P

Trooper Thompson said...

Welcome, Daytripper.

Check out Podhoretz getting a roasting by an angry crowd at an NYC book-signing.

daytripper said...


aDM said...

That whole 'We Must Bomb Iran' article and media focus made me sick to my stomach. Im not quite as hot on the 'neocons' cases as you and i HATE the mullahs - but that approach is embarrassing and wrong. And evil.