Saturday, 29 December 2007

Always take a brolly

As is often the way, a blog post by someone else sends my mind down a path it wouldn't otherwise tread. In this case Richard Havers' piece on Ethan Russell and the disasterous Altamont Speedway concert got me thinking of the Stones, here playing (or pretending to at least) 'Gimme Shelter' on the Ed Sullivan show. Thankfully for a change, Mick is not wearing a pink leotard or suchlike and manages to keep the lid on his chickory essence dance style.


Richard Havers said...

One of my top three Stones tracks. It's kind of quaint seeing the Stones on a glitzy TV show. Reminds us too of what a great guitarist Mick T was.

The Knitter said...

Stones in their prime really - although Keith looks ever so inelegantly wasted, Charlie looks ... tired, Bill is Bill and Jagger flips back some of his curls every now and again.

Mick Taylor was never giving the recognition he deserved from Mick and Keith.

But what a song, what a song!!!