Thursday, 13 December 2007

A day of infamy

The suffocating tedium of EU politics is their best weapon. They know if they just keep inching the monolith into place, no matter what the people think, they can weather any storm, such as the rejection of the Constitution by the people of France and the Netherlands and in this country the refusal to honour a manifesto commitment to hold a referendum at all.

So today in Lisbon, the crooks and charlatans of Barosso's Empire will throw a party to celebrate the latest stage of collective treason, another nail in democracy's coffin, another step down the path to the managed society, run by 'experts', not the representatives of the people, chosen by us, accountable to us.

But the fight goes on, for all their intricate structures could be swept away in an instant, if the people actually took the necessary action. This is what elites have always known and feared, and why they have forever laboured to keep the masses cowed, docile and disunited, (the goal of state education, the product of TV and internet porn) and who can deny their success?

Nevertheless, the fight goes on.


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