Monday, 17 December 2007

Spirit of the Boston Tea Party

Ron Paul's army of supporters showed their imagination and commit- ment, by following up the Guy Fawkes Night fund-raiser with another 'money bomb' on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. All previous records for one day's fund-raising were broken yesterday, and not by corporate suits buying grace and favour, but by ordinary Americans putting in their $50s and $100s.

Nevertheless, the MSM does its best to ignore the only candidate that promises change, by keeping him off the list in polls, and elsewhere the shadow world ponders putting a bullet in his head, the way they did Bobby, back in '68.

As scheming neocon devil Karl Rove once said: 'Reality is what we say it is," and as the same forces control the MSM, let's hope the grassroots revolution behind the good doctor can prove them wrong. Only time will tell.


adirtymartini said...

Did you know George Washington's son was a Loyalist? I always think of this as a civil war rather than one of independence...

There was a good article in The Times on Magna Carta and its relevance to America. I posted it on ATW - if you get a chance to check it (last Friday). It was instantly deemed "anti-american". Why?

Trooper Thompson said...

I think the popular history of the American Revolution, more than most events, is far off the reality. I might have heard that about the son of Washington (who, never cut down the cherry tree either appparently!) The revolutionaries were only supported by a small fraction of the people.

I did see the Magna Carta bit, but only after 100 comments or so. I don't think the Americans need that document anything like as much as we do, ourselves having so little in the way of documents limiting our Government. The blog 'Looking for a voice'covered something relevant, in the anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance: