Sunday, 16 December 2007

Up the bloggertarians!

Recently there was a flurry of activitiy on a number of blogs I visit, regarding an attack from leftwing bloggers against what they called the 'bloggertarians' - who were defined as rightwingers sailing under a libertarian flag of convenience, who offer no positive message, and obsess over certain fringe issues, such as ID cards.

Now, I class myself as a libertarian, neither left nor right. I view Labour and Tory with equal disdain. If the Tories at present are slightly less offensive, it is due to their lack of power. Although the Tories do sometimes mouth opinions close to mine, I do not delude myself that they will deliver. At best they will stumble along the same path that Labour strides, but the same path nonetheless. They certainly are not going to deliver the root and branch reforms I think are necessary.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that most of my comments on the political landscape in this country are negative. Whether we take the high road or the low road is irrelevant if both lead to Sparta and I want to go to Athens.

As for my own 'obsession' with the tools of an authoritarian state, I do not want any cyanide with my coffee - not even a little bit. My opposition is grounded on pragmatism as well as fundamental principle, the two are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps the word 'obsession' has been selected for re-definition. Perhaps the new definition is 'strongly-held opinion contrary to Government policy.' Professor Tassano should be told.

I suspect the reason behind the anti-bloggertarian broadside was the low morale in Camp Lefty. Having Labour in power has robbed them of their main motivating force. It's far harder to cling to the moral highground when the policies you call for being tried and are failing before your eyes.

So, much as I represent no one but myself and no doubt hold views quite at variance to the targets of the original attack, if only in getting up the noses of lefty doctrinaires, the bloggertarians can't be all bad.


aDM said...

Interesting post - which blogs do you mean?

Trooper Thompson said...

It was a spat mainly between Paulie of;

and Devils Kitchen. I'm not sure where your sympathies would lie. You might even think it was just a load of boys arguing about who could piss furthest up the wall.

aDM said...

They do that all the time at DSTFW. And DK. LOL Yeah, it is a load of boys etc. ;) But sometimes it's interesting and this caught my eye.