Sunday, 27 January 2008

Battery schooling

Just as with cottage hospitals, which have been closed by the dozen since nationalisation of the health service, village schools are constantly threatened with closure by the pen-pushing, biscuit-dunking chair jockeys of the 'education' establishment. Such schools don't fit the massified model, they are unable to offer the 'range of services' that the gauleiters of Whitehall prize far above mere education. They're not economic, we're told – but who says so? Not the teachers or the parents, but the bureaucrats who outnumber both, who are well aware that the bigger the school, the worse it often gets. The solution is to remove the vast money-sucking tick that clings to the body educational. It is the government department and the myriad quangos that nuzzle at its teats that must be closed, not the village schools.


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