Friday, 4 January 2008

Unaccountable profligacy

Since 2000, the Government has spent £2 billion on IT projects that have then been abandoned - and that's just what we know about. The real total will most likely be far above that.

According to the Guardian: 'The survey of abandoned projects is not exhaustive and the total of £1.865bn is likely to be a considerable underestimate of the actual cost to taxpayers because neither Whitehall nor the National Audit Office, parliament's financial watchdog, keep definitive lists of which schemes go wrong. Also it does not include the major modifications required to fix new systems that have failed to perform as required -' such as parts of the new £12bn NHS computer system, then there's the new ID database... The list goes on and on, a sickening catalogue of failure and waste, financed by burdensome levies on the commoners.

Do you think it bothers them? Or rather, when confronted with the facts, would they instead tell you what a wonderful job they're doing, and how it's all for our benefit? DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE A FUCKING CLUE?

We can't afford to passively accept this shit any longer.



Alfred of Wessex said...

Find out who the Senior Civil Servants in charge of these failures are and and arrange fatal accidents for them as they make their way to/from work.

Those that are left will be alot more careful.

flashgordonnz said...

There's a (modern) law being broken in alfred's comment. But I for one smiled.