Wednesday, 23 January 2008

What a bunch of cunctators!

The Government have apparently decided to 'delay' the introduction of their hated internal passport and biometrics database. Don't be fooled.

The elitist eugenic nuts who set up the diabolic Fabian Society 100 years ago, named themselves after a Roman general who avoided battle, thereby infuriating and exacerbating his enemy Hannibal. This is ever their tactic. First pass the legislation, but fix its implementation far in advance, hoping that in the mean time the furore will subside and apathetic indifference will take its place. If this doesn't work, then float a few stories to the effect that the plan has been dropped and wait a little longer. Meanwhile, behind the scenes crack on with setting the system up.

Elsewhere in Gormenghast Castle, the NHS database is busy pulling together all the same information, the police are building a huge DNA database, schools are finger-printing children etc. Underlying all such measures is the same fabian doctrine: The people must be controlled.


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