Monday, 11 February 2008

Don't drink the water

The devil's never idle – there's so much to do. Tony Blair's plan to introduce the poison fluoride into all our drinking water met with resistance, so back it went to the end of the queue. And here it comes again, championed by 'Health' Secretary Alan Johnson, telling us of his duty to introduce the industrial waste product into all our diets, glossing over the numorous studies that show no benefit and much harm from this chemical, which is known to be more toxic than lead, and was used by the nazis on concentration camp prisoners.

Still, they reckon the public's dumb enough not to bother to check the facts, seeing as the BBC, as well as the Ministry for 'Health' can be relied upon to bury the truth, after all, it's only crazy people who CHECK THE FACTS, it's only conspiracy theorists that bother to RESEARCH THE ISSUE, and there's always that scene from 'Dr Strangelove' to fall back on.

So, they rest easy, believing the vast majority are incapable of even conceiving how wicked they truly are, and once the added fluoride eats further into the brains and bones of the nation, we'll all be even less capable of resisting the coming cull.

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