Friday, 22 February 2008

Pavlov's progeny

Officials from Lewisham Council have announced they will be reducing the speed limit on all residential roads in the borough to 20 mph. The Mayor Steve Bullock says this is to 'change the way people think'. In other words, more pavlovian mass psychology.

Rather than encouraging and facilitating better driving skills, the morons of Lewisham – who have humped every conceivable road, messed around with every junction and are clearly twiddling their thumbs trying to think of a new idea to keep themselves in tax-paid clover – would rather try to micromanage the brain of every driver. The idiot Mayor also said there would be no need to do this, if people were obeying the rules now, which is an admission, if ever there was one, that the 20 mph is not necessary.

It is also indicative of the circular logic that goes along the lines of 'if the speed limit's 70 mph, people will drive 80 mph, so if it's safe to drive 80 mph, we'll make the limit 70 mph, because if we made it 80 mph, people will drive 90 mph.' Now, this is the system that we work to. There is an alternative – the alternative that our Pavlovian masters shy away from – to set the speed limits appropriately, to stress the responsibility of the individual driver.

The worship of speed limits and other such arbitrary rules is a form of idolatry. Just as making a statue of God and worshipping the statue is a foolish sin, so is taking a rule, which is no more than a means to an end, and enshrining that rule as the end. The God in this case is driving safely, which is not dependent on sticking to a speed limit, but rather matching speed to the conditions. Recently a young driver killed a child whilst driving at around 30 mph within a 30 mph zone. Whether this was safe to do – and the accident indicates that it wasn't – the driver was exonerated – as she hadn't offended the stone idol speed limit.

The BMA (again) are calling for the price of alcohol to be put up to 'deal with the epidemic of binge-drinking'. In other words, more pavlovian mass psychology.

Whether or not we are facing an epidemic, the idea that 'binge drinking' is a new phenomenon is laughable. The only thing that's new is the term. We used to call it getting pissed. The English have always had a reputation as drinkers. The answer, as ever, is for people to take responsibility for themselves. Instead, our Pavlovian masters would rather take away our choice.



cisbio said...

awright hombre

totally off-topic: collapsing steel structures

found this after 27 seconds searching.

Trooper Thompson said...

Is that enough for you? What are you seeking, the truth or reassurance? Will you allow that little piece of information to stroke your tummy and send you back to sleep?

Or are you actually interested in learning how and why the three buildings collapsed on 9/11?

Accidents happen. Joe Bloggs can get hit by a car and die. But if someone says prior to this 'Joe Bloggs is gonna meet with an accident today', and then it happens, it changes everything.

The buildings mentioned by your source may be comparable, they may not be. In any case, three buildings collapsing in one day, one of which has not been hit by anything? At the speed of gravity? Please go look at the collapse of Building 7 and tell me how it is possible for a textbook demolition to spontaneously happen.
Patriots Question 9/11 - Responsible Criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report