Saturday, 16 February 2008

While the greens slept

Whilst the Government are happy to bang on ad nauseum about harmless CO2 and generally play the concerned environmentalists - by cranking up our taxes to pay for their profligate, bloated state - on real matters of environmental concern, they continue to fall over themselves to serve their corporate masters' evil designs.

Therefore, no surprises in the news that they will conspire with the producers of genetically poisoned foods, in keeping locations of crop 'trials' secret. Such crops, they know, are impossible to contain, so will contaminate the surrounding countryside, wreaking untold damage to the eco-system. As with the Monsanto chemical dump in Brofiscin quarry, Wales, the problem will be ignored and hidden, at least as long as it takes for the company to protect themselves legally from the cost of clearing up the damage.

Unfortunately, most people who care about the environment are so busy following the pied piper of man-made climate change, they've little energy left to resist the real and present dangers such frankenstein foods signify.


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