Monday, 25 February 2008

Whose kids are they, anyway?

When are the parents of this country going to stop acting like sheep, and start using their brains? What will it take to wake them from their drooling slumber? The Government is bringing in a compulory curriculum for under-fives, with 72 measures that your little angel will have to be tested on before the age of five. The primary legislation made provision for exemptions. The secondary legislation removed the exemptions. That means this new curriculum applies to independent schools and childminders alike.

Every piece of research shows that the school system in this country is failing, that it starts too early and that it tests little children too much, and yet the dumb sheep parents continue to send their children to the indoctrination camps, and continue to let the state take possession of their own flesh and blood. SHAME ON YOU PARENTS FOR TAKING THIS SHIT. You don't care about yourself, fine, but at least you could care about your children. When are you going to apply the lessons of history? Are they your kids, or do they belong to the state? Make your minds up, because time is running out.


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