Friday, 13 June 2008

The evolving tyranny

Via 'A nation of shopkeepers', I come across this disturbing story, of a man assaulted by police in his own home, kidnapped and then prosecuted for 'failure to lick police officer's boots' or something akin.

It's worth savouring the police response:

"A police spokesman said Cocker became 'aggressive' towards the officers who feared for their own safety.

Read the story! He was attempting to close the door on the officers. Unless he said 'hold on, I'm just getting my shotgun', this is clearly false.

The spokesman said: 'Parva spray was used to stop any confrontation and was necessary to protect the officers and any members of the public who were around at the time.

Read the story! He was closing the door, thereby stopping the confrontation. They didn't want to stop the confrontation, but continue it.

'Within the circumstances, we feel we used reasonable force.'

Stop right there!

This man was watching television in his own home. He committed no crime, until your minions knocked on his door, and rather than buggering off when told to do so, they then assaulted and kidnapped him. Any offence given by the man's words are far outweighed by the offence committed in response.

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